The path to a successful financial future requires a clear vision, a comprehensive and detailed plan and a coordinated team. Taking every factor of this process into account, we help to build and retain wealth. Our approach to planning incorporates a variety of aspects tailored to your situation, including legacy planning, investment strategies, risk assessment and mitigation and business owner planning.


1. Data Gathering

The process starts by capturing your personal and financial goals and identifying obstacles and opportunities. We clarify and document how you measure success, how we will best work together and ensure we build a blueprint that best suits your core personal and financial needs.


2. Overview, Analysis and Reporting

Once your goals have been established and financial documents collected, we present an overview of our financial assessment. We outline the financial focus areas and address how we will manage specific deliverables and timelines.


3. Strategy

We work together to navigate your unique personal and financial goals. We discuss your vision for the future, your current situation and a strategy designed to achieve that vision through six planning focus areas:

  • Financial Independence: We review your financial vision and values and help gear your financial resources to support your short- and long-term objectives for yourself, your family and the causes that are important to you.
  • Investments: We align your investments with your goals, values and time horizon so that your investments support your objectives.
  • Legacy and Estate: This entails a comprehensive assessment of your wills and trusts, life insurance policies, disability, and long-term care insurances. All are reviewed and measured against your survivor needs and distribution objectives. We incorporate your objectives for family governance, asset protection, and charitable giving.
  • Risk Management: We evaluate your personal risk tolerance, time horizon, current risk exposure, investments and other financial risks and help assess which ones you are comfortable assuming, which can be mitigated and which to transfer.
  • Tax Strategies: Along with your tax and legal advisors, our team identifies opportunities to reduce income and estate tax liabilities and to take advantage of the planning options available in the tax code.
  • Business Owner Planning: We look at your business interests as a key financial asset and evaluate various liquidation and exit strategies, deferred compensation solutions and tax-advantaged strategies tailored to your business.


4. Implementation

Incorporated with developing a strategy is its implementation. In partnership with you and your tax and legal advisors as needed, we refine and execute the solution set we have developed to make sure your plan is not just theoretical, but practical.


5. Review

Life rarely takes a straight line, so our solutions are crafted to be resilient. But a plan also has to be dynamic, and we meet with you regularly to discuss, review, and revise your plan to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate and that it evolves with your changing needs.

We can help identify the topography of your current financial situation, the direction you would like your financial future to take and map out specific strategies. We stress test those strategies against potential changes in terrain and against seismic shifts. We then chart the appropriate course for you and your family to guide you along the way.